Introducing Self-Discovery, The Academy®

Self-Discovery, The Academy, as a brand for my mental and emotional healing practice, which combines the learning and awareness of spirituality and spiritual healing.

Be Like The Lotus

Our code of ethics in life is very important. We do everything we can to adhere to it even when the odds are against us. We don’t mind putting our nose to the grindstone when we believe that we are working towards something important and meaningful. The power of motivation can endure all kinds ofContinue reading “Be Like The Lotus”

Find Your Worth!

Before working towards your goals, success or transformation, the first step is to sit down and be truthfully honest with yourself. You have to be brave enough to sit down, look at your behaviors and attitudes, and acknowledge YOUR part in contributing to your problems. This is the reality of the real world. Stop lookingContinue reading “Find Your Worth!”

If You Are Easily Triggered, The Problem Is With You.

1. Inability to Maintain Calm and Peace When we are healed or free from mental and emotional wounds, we are usually able to maintain our peace and be at ease.  We will only focus on the present in the way our lives unfold and presented themselves to us and behave or respond in ways thatContinue reading “If You Are Easily Triggered, The Problem Is With You.”

How to Maintain Self-Confidence

If you are not willing to be the first person who believes in you, then who will? When there is no self-confidence, you can cause a lot of harm in your own life. Learning to take small steps to work towards this effectively will allow you to take more steps calmly and consciously when lifeContinue reading “How to Maintain Self-Confidence”

Steps to Mental Health Care

For workers to care for their mental health, we must take steps towards Self-Love & Self-Care. Understand that we will not be able to love and care for those who matter if we cannot care for ourselves. Therefore steps towards maintaining ourselves at our best are essential and even more crucial at present, as IContinue reading “Steps to Mental Health Care”

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

As we may all have already known, human beings are capable of programming software, digitals, and electronics. Now, imagine when we start re-programming ourselves the way we would want to program our very own set of advanced functioning software. Except, of course, we function way better because we are gifted with senses. None of usContinue reading “What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)”