List of Registered Certified Masters of Authentic ASMA Quantum Reiki®

This trademarked modality of ASMA Quantum Reiki® (AQR) can or will only be practised by AQR Masters who are named and listed in this Register and who bear the AQR trademark logo on their certification (ESAMM), website(s) or place(s) of business and their names on the seal of authenticity. This is to ensure that only Masters who have been trained and equipped with the esoteric knowledge and metaphysical mastery of AQR by either myself (as the Grand Master) or any other certified and qualified Master(s) authorized to train on behalf of Self-Discovery, The Academy, will practice this authentic art of energy therapy with quality and effective healing, by the will of ALLAH (God). Masters who do not comply with the regulations, ethics and code of conduct in practising AQR will be struck off the Register and deemed as unqualified to practice.

Any queries, complaints or feedback may be directed to us via the contact form on this website.

AQR Seal of Authenticity – Grand Master

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