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Testimonial by Julianna Wong

Julianna Wong, Business Owner

Honestly, I didn’t realize how badly hurt and treated I was until I had a heart-to-heart talk with AR. I was sharing with AR all the doubts I faced in my work and the huge stress level I was pushed in, to hit sales targets, without even being given any guide since I was a newbie in the field. The advice and patience from AR are top-notch!! AR could easily feel how low in spirits I was and could tackle my issue immediately!!!

The session, I must say, is most well worth the time. It unclogged my mind that was often filled with “I don’t know”. AR taught me that to achieve happiness, first, I must acknowledge things that make me feel unhappy. It is so true. Very often I will hide behind my smiles even though I am not happy.

Truly it is worth the time and effort to attend this session. I have come out a better and stronger person.

Sharbina Md Ismail, Property Agent

A much overdue review of how I was until 3 months ago vs how I am today. I’ve been going through life’s trials and tribulations since 2014. I knew I was damaged, but I didn’t know how damaged I was deep inside until I got the opportunity to meet Atyla Rica, The Identity Artisan (AR). Through a couple of sessions with AR, we dealt with my prevailing issues (sleep, relationships, esteem, inability to love myself enough to want to live) and AR has been the biggest help in overhauling me. I was even able to piece together a 2-year long puzzle and solve the biggest mystery in my life just after the 2nd session. AR has this superb ability to lead you through the right track to delve into your hidden issues which even I never realized I had until I spoke to her. Once we identified my issues, she taught me how to deal with them. And the best part is she doesn’t stop me from going through the human-nature process of grieving every time she knew I was breaking after every session because the revelations were too overwhelming for me (and I don’t know why I’m crying as I type this!).

Once I came to terms with myself, I found clarity and the ability to put my life back into perspective. I learned to deal with all the negative energy surrounding me and went through a complete overhaul of myself. Others would tell me “no point crying, why waste tears, get up and move on with life!” The best thing about AR is she continues to check on me to make sure I’m doing ok and not relapsing into the negative zone again! I also find AR’s deck of cards (I got both) very useful in trying to identify and understand my issues whenever I go through my anxiety again. It helps me identify what is really bothering or affecting my emotions, and learn to deal with my issues and feel better after that. Initially, the first 2 times I tried to pull out the cards, I wasn’t able to understand my own energy or what to make out of the cards. I was dependent on AR to interpret it for me. However, after 3 months of close monitoring, recently when I decided to pull out the cards to read my energy because I was going through an overwhelming period and I wasn’t sure what exactly was affecting me, I find myself naturally able to interpret the cards myself and articulated my feelings/emotions and identifying what was really bothering me (with affirmation from AR who gave additional inputs to sum everything up into perspective). So after a complete overhaul over 3 months, I’m happy that I now have an unblocked mind and the ability to identify my own issues and deal with them. I’d say I’m 95% healed. I’d say after meeting AR, I’m a better person in just 3 months (she really overhauled my brain!) than I was 6 years ago. Today, I’ve chosen to love myself (after Allah of course) over others and I am able to sleep at night.

Today, my relationships with people who should matter in my life improved tremendously. Today, I am able to not let what I can’t control (events) affect me; I focus on what I can control (my thoughts, emotions, and actions). Today, I am more contented in life because I am attracting more positive things in life the moment I eliminated all the negative things in my life. Today, I’m doing much better career-wise this year than ever (I’m a property agent btw, so if you need any help property-wise, you know who to look for! haha), Alhamdulillah. More importantly, it seems I’m exuding positive aura/energy because I get comments like “I love your energy!”! I’d recommend AR to anyone who has been struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, negative thoughts and behaviors so she can empower you with the tools to heal and rework your mindset, circumstances and even your heart! Thank you, AR for this new Sharbina!

Hanim Reeder, Business Manager & Executive Assistant

I was made aware some time ago that I have 3 locked keys inside me. I didn’t know what it was. I’ve always figured I’m fine. I’m not suffering or depressed. I’ve been meaning to find out but never got round to it. In such a short time AR could pinpoint that I’ve been repressing a lot of hurts that I never dealt with in less than an hour! I was completely gobsmacked. I knew she was right. I discovered so many things about myself. I was plunging into a cold abyss. I was becoming “less human”.

With The Neuro-Linguist deck, each card I picked was true to my emotions, my thoughts. It was mind-boggling. I’m still in awe of the “bonus” (summary) card I picked. It summarised my true belief. That card just hit me, straight to my heart, it was the one phrase that I always stand by, I swear by and I believe so much in. It was so on-point! Anyone who thinks otherwise – talk to the hand!

I am so looking forward to AR’s session of hypnotherapy as I want to go deeper and detach myself from the wall of fire I’ve soldered around me. AR, you unlocked what has been ingrained so deep within me. I am so honored to be able to go through this journey of enlightenment. It’s not just about discovery – it is also about healing.

Some people don’t understand that it takes more than just uncovering the issues. One cannot just tell you what they think it is and expect you to forget, detach and be done. Especially when it’s buried deep into your soul for years and “forgotten”.

With AR it’s not empty words, it’s therapy. She sees it to the end, till you are completely at peace within yourself. I don’t see myself doing this with anyone else. AR radiates a sense of serenity that is so easy to pour my heart into. You’re made to do this AR.

Farra Rozan, Financial Group Executive

I DID AND I WISH I HAD DONE IT EARLIER. How many of us have confided in friends and ended up frustrated because then they said something that offended us? It’s only fair to say, they’re not at fault because they’re not trained to be professionally critical in assessing people’s situations.

This stigma linked to seeing a professional counselor seriously should be perceived as outdated. During trying times like now, I would really love to see more of us be okay with it. I’ve had 3 wonderful sessions, quite a transcendental experience with AR and looking forward to more, In Shaa Allah (if God wills).

Not only I was able to recognize the concerns in my life and career, but also mentally compartmentalize them so I could embrace my identified unique strengths in achieving my goals.

Sameera Abdullah, Business Owner

I would like to keep my identity private. I am a business owner. When I decided to work with AR, I was struggling with being too concerned and bothered about what people think of me to the extent that I doubt my capabilities in getting my work done. Since working with AR, what felt like a 10-tonnes rock of weight, got lifted off my chest and shoulders.  I feel even lighter after a hypnotherapy and reiki session with her.

Today, I am no longer burdened and surprisingly happy!! I am no more cautious and second-guessing myself. I am confident that I have executed my duties well to my utmost best. I now see myself from a totally different perspective. I stride forward with much positivity and the feeling is truly indescribable. Listening to AR’s soothing silky voice during my hypnotherapy session was most delightful. I remembered falling into a deep slumber and waking up as if I had a really good whole-body massage.

I would say that AR was frighteningly accurate. She could read through my soul!! If you need to pour your hearts out, she’s the one to go to. However, you will have to be honest about your problems if you want to truly heal and resolve your issues; cos if you don’t, she knows.

Vidya, Part-Time Student & Teacher

I wish to keep my identity private. When I came across AR’s page for the first time, I was in such a bad state. I was suicidal and had no hope to live on anymore. I was desperately looking for a reason to hold on. Atyla became that reason for me. She reached out and helped me. She felt my pain and she was the only support I had at that point. She would check in on me to make sure I was doing okay from time to time.

Her cards from The Neuro-Linguist deck were ON POINT! I was surprised at how the messages were on par with whatever I was going through at that point in time. The objectives and affirmations on the cards gave me assurance and hope to hold on and to be strong. I always find myself going back to the messages on the cards for strength when I feel low and need motivation.

Her energy healing and hypnotherapy worked wonders for me. Soon after that, I slowly developed enough courage and strength to deal with my issues one by one. I still do get anxious from time to time due to a few repressed emotions. AR has been very patient in getting me to open up. She never once forced me to talk or do things I wasn’t comfortable with. She always replies to my texts whenever I find myself stuck or struggling. She stays with me till I’m okay enough to deal with my emotions on my own.

I find myself applying the techniques she has taught me whenever I am going through difficulties. I still have a lot to work on, but I’ve come such a LONG way from where I was four months ago and I owe it all to her. I believe she was sent to me by God to help me through the most difficult period of my life. Truly grateful for all that she has done for me so far. She’s been nothing but a huge positive influence in my life! May she be blessed abundantly for saving my life and the many others out there!

Poh Leng, Stay-Home Mum

I wish to keep my identity private. I first came across AR’s FB post/advertisement while scrolling through my FB. Since I was a teen, I have always been interested in stuff like energy healing, Reiki healing, hypnosis, etc. However, I was not too sure if AR was the right one. I had contemplated it for a while until I finally decided to give both AR and myself a chance. I sent AR a message via messenger and very quickly received a response from her. We started sharing some information via WhatsApp. Surprisingly, with just a few messages exchanged between us, AR could already read me very well. She was very spot on. I don’t know why I started tearing up as we exchanged more messages.

I decided to then work with AR on my problems and we agreed on a date to do our first session via videocall. Even though it was my first time talking to AR, I felt very comfortable and open to share with her the struggles, disappointments, sufferings and hurt I have been repressing all these years. This is something I don’t even share with my husband or BFFs. I‘m actually quite surprised myself.

The presence of AR is just so comforting. It makes me let down all my guards. AR did the energy healing for me and also prepared some water for me to drink and shower with. After our first session, AR still texted and checked up on me regularly. Through her texts, I can feel that AR really sincerely cares for her clients and is not doing it for the sake of trying to get more business. Subsequently, I also did a Reiki healing and hypnotherapy session with her. Even though I didn’t know AR for long I just feel the connection, trust and comfort in her, which is something uncommon for me. I’m usually a very guarded person and I don’t really open up to people well. I really have no regrets approaching AR. Thank you so much, AR! You are the best!

Moshien Mohamed, 64 years old

I wish to keep my identity and my reasons for attending sessions with AR private.

Throughout my sessions with her I have found that she inculcates the values of positive attitudes, adaptability, honesty and integrity and the self-motivation to always grow and learn. She also emphasized on the development of strong self-confidence, professionalism and loyalty and making important contributions with dedication.

I just wanted to also share that when we are ready we will always get what we are seeking. Time spent searching for answers and direction is not wasted as it is a process we have to go through to learn more about ourselves and/or life lessons. God is about timing. It is also not a coincidence that we connected.

Trifislia, Cancer Survivor

I wish to keep my identity private.

This was my very first experience with ASMA Quantum Reiki and I had no idea what to expect so I went with an open mind. AR is such a caring & gentle person so this puts me at ease and I felt very relaxed. She explained everything about how the session was going to proceed before she got started.

I have come to realize that ASMA Quantum Reiki is great for pain treatment, directing energy toward specific goals, or simply working on one’s self-development. I highly recommend anyone who is in need of inner healing to go and have a session with AR.

Zaara Zulfaqar, Business Development Manager

I had many ups and downs for a period of time. Health issue and few other things were going on unexpectedly. Alhamdulillah I got to speak to AR and took her services. It’s truly a rejuvenating experience.

ASMA Quantum Reiki is something new for me and Alhamdulillah I felt immensely fresh and felt lighter somehow after the session. I felt some of my burdens lifted up and I was reminded to seek solace to Allah swt. AR also personalised my ASMA Reiki scrub for me. It is specially made just for me and my needs. The outcome makes me feel happier, at peace and I do not feel restless.

AR doesn’t bite. Very humble and kind.
I recommend anyone who is feeling down or feeling something amiss, experiencing anxiety or spiritual disturbances to get in touch with AR.

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