Hi, Potential Self-Discoverers! Welcome to Self-Discovery The Academy®.

First and foremost, I want to announce that I successfully registered Self-Discovery The Academy as a trademark.

Now that I am trademarked, some clients and friends have noticed that people are still wondering about my work. I have also received texts with queries to find out more.

As a start, I would like to explain the purpose of setting up Self-Discovery, The Academy, as a brand for my mental and emotional healing practice, which combines the learning and awareness of spirituality and spiritual healing.

I coach, assist, counsel, and provide specialized energetic therapy and healing for people suffering from mental, emotional and spiritual blockages. I also coach those pursuing self-discovery to seek and explore their spirituality, be open to understanding life in the spiritual context, and not shy away from philosophical, metaphysical and esoteric knowledge implemented and applied within the boundaries of the Islamic faith. Our authentic self can be discovered through exploring the unspoken from within, especially when we are being psychologically triggered by the Divine to be in touch with the unseen part of ourselves (which is the spirit or soul), simply because there is a reason behind everything that happens to us and our lives.

We can go within to discover why we tend to behave, believe and be in a particular way. Most often than not, we think of the positive as negative and unacceptable and the negative as positive and acceptable. Some of us operate in the extreme of either positive or negative to the point of toxicity or overdrive. 

Why is there a need to find our authentic selves? It is because we can only know who we are when we are willing to get rid, release or let go of the masks we have been wearing due to family upbringing, miseducation, social expectations, past traumas and life experiences. Do not be surprised that most of us are, at most times, very protective of our vulnerability. We go through our whole lives placing one mask on the other. We try very hard to conceal and protect our true thoughts and emotions to prevent our vulnerable selves from being discovered. This can be due to many reasons, which are negative and generally caused by personal traumas. Sometimes, we will not be able to know this until we excavate the reasons from the logical and emotional aspects of ourselves and our subconscious.

The above process can further be complimented or enhanced through mind therapy, counselling and energy healing sessions together with the tools provided by Self-Discovery, The Academy, to tap into our own energy or energetic frequencies. We can explore ourselves and reach our highest potential through progressive healing by overcoming life’s challenges, usually presented as a block, hindrance, or stagnation at any given time.  We only need to realise that our complete being, knowledge and abilities are not limited to facts, material, and what can be seen. We are way bigger and more than that, right here and beyond, if we believe we are the creation of The Creator (The One and Only Lord of The Universe).

In summary, Self-Discovery, The Academy aims to share awareness and the knowledge of philosophy, metaphysics and the esoteric to treat, assist, as well as coach potential self-discoverers to steer and navigate their lives and self-regulate their thoughts and emotions towards their most positive and authentic state of mind. This will allow them to reset, restart and recalibrate their minds and energetic frequencies to be in touch with their spiritual self, which can highly impact the way they contemplate quality choices and make wise decisions that would most benefit them towards evolving into the best version of themselves and achieve their full potential. They will be progressively empowered as they travel their life journey with gratitude for who they are and all the experiences and lessons they have learned.  

May we all live to demonstrate kindness, compassion, belief, faith, courage, and resilience from deep within our souls to the youngest of our generations.


Ready to find yourself?

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