Official Bio of Atyla Rica, The Identity Artisan

Atyla Rica (“AR”), The Identity Artisan (DiMAP) (ESMGM), is a Muslim pioneer in using cards and her self-created deck “The Neuro-Linguist” (100 Cards Deck Guide to NLP with Color-Coded Energy Shifting Therapy) as a self-help kit for personal development and growth as well as mental and emotional health. By tapping into one’s thoughts, feelings and intentions, AR guide her clients to work with their own energy and ground themselves in SELF-awareness, consciousness and empowerment with ease and simplicity.

Apart from being born to a lineage of natural healing practitioners, she is naturally sensitive to mental and emotional energetic vibrations. She has an interest and has continuously researched alchemy, metaphysics and esoteric theories and philosophies. She also implemented the ASMA QUANTUMTM modality as a form of effective energy healing through the palms of the hands using the Japanese natural healing technique, Reiki.

Most people have become spiritually detached and energetically depleted from their sense of self due to constant subjugation and globalization, thus losing their natural ability to accept their authentic nature and unique blueprint as nurturing, resolute and resilient individuals. Here, her being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and an Empath appear to be more of a responsibility and life calling.

As a Master Practitioner of The Principles and Practices of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), she understands an individual’s mental and emotional patterns in navigating daily life based on their traumas and life experiences. With her skills and knowledge, she applies her naturally high empathic ability to discern and connect the unexpressed or unspoken from within or the subconscious. As such, she can decipher the weaknesses that cause blockage and the inexhaustible source of strength within the spiritual aspect of an individual. She assists people to get through the maze of their minds and emotions to accept their truth within the SELF and love it unconditionally towards personal healing, transformation and growth.

She is very passionate about developing further various creatives through continuously seeking and acquiring knowledge and by sharing her healing journey and experiences. She guides towards consciousness expansion and energetic alignment through intuitive healing and therapeutic counseling methods to help others heal from negativity, self-doubt, self-limiting beliefs and habits. She encourages self-reliance by teaching self-help and self-healing techniques using proven NLP and modern applied psychology principles. Her creative kits promote empowerment while enhancing love, compassion and kindness for the SELF and others.

As a Muslim, she aims to bridge understanding between metaphysics, esoteric truths and practicalities in real life without compromising Islamic beliefs and faith. Her vision is to lead to the facts and personal realities of the SELF by unlearning social conditioning and empowering others to break down the hostile barriers of societal expectations.

Apart from NLP, modern applied psychology, hypnotherapy, counseling, psychotherapy and other skills, her specialized methods also apply theories and techniques of alchemy, metaphysics, esoteric philosophies, and various therapeutic methods and tools to coach others toward achieving energetic or spiritual health, self-empowerment and holistic well-being.

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