What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

As we may all have already known, human beings are capable of programming software, digitals, and electronics. Now, imagine when we start re-programming ourselves the way we would want to program our very own set of advanced functioning software. Except, of course, we function way better because we are gifted with senses.

None of us is born with a standard operating procedure, user guide or operating manual on the right way to navigate through our lives. If we could recall, when we were toddlers, we had not anticipated hurdles, difficulties, dangers or troubles in the environment, situations or people around us. We depended on our parents and others who are older to foresee or anticipate the good or the bad according to how they sensed or perceived the environment, situations or people around them and us.


Ultimately, whatever we know, is according to the perception of another individual who had loved and cared for us, interacted with us, and taught us at one point in time or another. The only downside is that we grew up with our minds being programmed precisely how we were taught, including the self-limiting, self-defeating or self-sabotaging perceptions. We acquire all the fears and weaknesses that we have picked up or learned through our elders, teachers and those who came before us. In addition to that, their lessons, disappointments, failures and their experience of not knowing better in life. This, in turn, could result in generations after generations living with a similar blueprint of perceptions and beliefs in navigating through lives, choices and decisions.

Thus, the necessity of applying NLP principles to the way we perceive and believe is very beneficial to achieve more fulfilling lives. This will help us to deal with the challenges, hurdles, troubles and failures we may have to face in our lives. It will allow us to understand our perceptions and perspectives and face life head-on with more courage and confidence as individuals with a unique identity.

NLP re-programs and re-calibrates our minds to further develop hindsight, insight, and foresight to positively approach our lives and problems. We will be able to remain happy and fulfilled, whether or not things turn out the way we had wanted or expected.


NLP is not about laws, governing rules or regulations that have to be followed. NLP is simply an unbiased and uncompelling set of beliefs that we can choose to practice in our lives to reach our full potential. NLP focuses on the most effective means through which any goal or desired outcome can be attained.

NLP operates from one or more of a set of presuppositions that massively empowers people to facilitate change in an endless number of ways. Practicing NLP teaches us to evaluate and make changes where necessary. This will, in turn, empower us to be the best that we can be and create an overall impact on our own lives and relationships.

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