What is Energy?

When I say I am sensitive to energy or work with life and energy is my first language, people get scared. I think they must be wondering what kind of spooky magic I possess and work with. So, let me explain what energy means in my very own dictionary in a way that could be easily understood by others.

Science interprets energy as something that makes a change. Energy is power. It moves cars along the road and boats over the water. It bakes a cake in the oven and keeps ice frozen in the freezer. It plays our favorite songs on the radio and lights our homes. Energy makes our bodies grow and allows our minds to think. We cannot see energy, but we know that it is there. Scientists define energy as the ability to do work. People have learned how to change energy from one form to another to work more efficiently and live more comfortably.

Then, various forms of energy, such as light, heat, sound, and motion. Electrical, thermal, radiant, movement, sound, chemical, elastic, and nuclear are various energies. We also know that these different energy forms can all be put into two categories: kinetic and potential. Therefore that is the summary of energy (or power) that we learned in school through theories and practices. What about the energy that we don’t know or understand in school?

As someone susceptible to sensitivity, energy is the process of transforming information and data that we receive with our senses and our being. These senses are the visual (sight), auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (physical), olfactory (smell), and gustatory (taste) which most of us are blessed with and we use these forms of energy every day in our process of life. Our beings would be the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of us. One more sense that not many of us have realized is the sixth sense. This is the form of processing and transforming that makes Highly Sensitive People or HSPs use the rest of the other five senses with the mental, emotional or spiritual part of their being. This is done in the most unique and comprehensive way than ordinary people could have thought of or perceived.

For example, we could have seen an object, transmission of information or behaviors presented by someone else as a symbol of love. In contrast, someone highly-sensitive will not just use their visual sense to process this love symbol. They will also be using their auditory, kinesthetic (with the olfactory and gustatory, if needed) senses together with the mental, emotional, and spiritual part of their being to do the processing. So what HSPs see about that symbol of love is more than what other people would notice. In this case, HSPs would see it as a symbol of love with passion and lust. When HSPs see it, they see it more prominent and more apparent than others do. They listen and decipher more than others could. They empathize and express more than others would. So basically, HSPs have a very shallow threshold or resistance of their senses than others.

Some HSPs can switch the processing method around between these senses and their being. Meaning, they could use their visual acuity on information that requires them to use their auditory sense. They could also use their kinesthetic sense on situations or data that requires processing with their visual understanding. They just know instinctively which reason to apply to the processing of a particular object, situation or information for whatever purpose. If the need arises, they will use the processing with the mental, emotional, and spiritual sense. These different phases and ways of processing the information or data and transforming them into knowledge brought about into the HSPs’ physical and conscious awareness are what I term as energy.

I believe that every one of us is born with a sixth sense. This is also the sense that triggers the use of intuition and gut instinct. It is a matter of being able to tap into this sixth sense and switch around the processing energy between the other five senses and the mental, emotional, and spiritual part of our being. I see this proficiency as the ability to balance life (again, energy meaning the way of processing and transforming between the object of information or data with our senses and our being). Becoming and being able to be at this place of balance is the act of raising and remaining in high vibrational energy.

So I hope that explains it all to those who are curious and find me so mysterious.

Meanwhile, hold that space and be in awe of the Greatness of God.

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