Ten (10) Traits of Empowered Women

An empowered woman is an expression of divinity. Divinity symbolizes love, intelligence, kindness, compassion, courage and power.

An empowered woman is a wholesome and extraordinary individual. They are very versatile women from different walks of life, but they all have these ten (10) psychological traits. These are the essential traits that we can all learn to acquire to be empowered women who level up and live our best life.

1. Empowered Women Work on Themselves

Making an effort to regulate our thoughts and emotions is very important. We must take responsibility for nurturing and healing our mental and emotional selves. Almost all of us come from a very wounded or damaged place in our thoughts and emotions. These hurts and wounds could have been childhood or sudden experiences buried into our subconscious because we were not ready or could still not fathom, digest and learn the lessons from the said negative experiences or traumas at specific points in our lives. We therefore live and move around carrying these inner wounds or traumas in the form of mental or emotional baggage.

Baggage exists in all of us. From our ancestors to our grandparents, our parents and ourselves. It will highly likely exist in our children and generations down the line because nobody knows the way to exist and live as a perfect human being in this world. Nobody is and can be perfect.

We are here to grow and be better than yesterday, but we can never be perfect. No matter our upbringing, education or culture, we are all wounded or damaged somehow and making an effort to be aware and realize our weaknesses, wounds or traumas and hurts is essential to our self-growth and character development, no matter how old and at what stage of life we are at. Look for ways towards healing, improvement and growth through professional therapy, spiritual work, learning from others or through self-help. Learning, healing and changing is a constant and ongoing process.

Empowered women have courageous souls. They face their fears, pain, darkness, and shadows like a warrior. They work through their wounds, issues and problems. Empowered women know that they need to deal to heal. A healed soul manifests the authentic self. When we start to authenticate, life is naturally easier to navigate.

2. Empowered Women Are Not People-Pleasers

We are never desperate because we do not need to be liked. Most of all, we are never desperate for men or anyone else for that matter. We are not desperate for boyfriends, acquaintances, friendships, and God knows who else and what!

Empowered women are women with boundaries. As empowered women, we should know our self-worth. We know our value if we take the trouble to learn to live, care for and nurture ourselves. When we do this, we will then know how to treat another and we will also know how we deserve to be treated by another. After all, people who do not love themselves cannot love and be loved by others.

3. Empowered Women Do Not Seek Drama

We do not purposely seek to be in battles, fights or arguments. We avoid jumping to conclusions and raising unnecessary issues with people. We stay away from drama kings, queens or insecure people. This does not mean that we should never be emotional. We cannot avoid life as a person. There may be occasional issues because life can get challenging and complicated. Nothing is perfect. However, we can choose our battles. This may take time depending on the level we are at in the phase of our lives. One very effective way would be to make it a point to take psychological notes and learn from our lessons well. When we learn our lessons well, we can avoid getting involved in dramatic situations or recurring dramas. After all, when we know better, we do better.

4. Empowered Women Have Principles

We always respect ourselves and therefore, we will always respect others. We must set a certain standard for ourselves as empowered women. Thus it is even more vital to work with morals and values. Everyone deserves respect. We do not just respect people for their affluence or status in society. We respect people because we, too, deserve to be respected as human beings and individuals. Knowing this shows that we know all of us are equal regardless of our race, religion or skin color. We will also navigate ourselves confidently with others, no matter their social standing. No one needs to be glorified, but everyone deserves the glory. Having respect for ourselves and others shows that we have class. Please understand that class IS NOT a level representing wealth. This is so outdated and untrue. A wealthy person does not necessarily mean a classy person. Class is how we carry ourselves as human beings with morals and values. It is the way we treat others with kindness, compassion and grace.

5. Empowered Women Do Not Look Down On Others

We do not judge a book by its cover. We do not make assumptions, judge people and look down on them just from the first impression or because they are different.

Even though we value uniqueness and we know the importance of good first impressions, we do not impose such views and expectations on others.

First and foremost, nothing signals more class and elegance than being humble, open-minded and non-judgmental. Just because we have chosen to be more empowered and elegant, that do not mean people with different taste or sense of fashion; different ways of thinking and behaving; are wrong, harmful or should not be looked up to, if not at least, seen as an equal.

Being empowered does not, at any level, mean superiority over others. Assuming that we are better than others signals arrogant and low-class behavior. I do not encourage, condone or support such characters or behaviors. I am personally very disgusted by such backward and self-glorifying behavior. The differences in religions, cultures, races and ways of life taught us the meaning of diversity, boundaries and understanding. This is my genuine and honest experience. Yet these differences also teach us the values of acceptance, tolerance and humanity in being united as the human race.

Be grateful enough to know that before we were the better and empowered version of ourselves, we were all once a “Plain Jane” or “Average Joe” (for men) in our appearance, thinking, living or being. Empowered women know and will never forget where they came from. Just because we chose not to remain where we were, it should not mean that it is a place where others should not choose or want to be. So long as where they are is not a place of darkness and harm, we should not impose our personal experiences, opinions and hopes on others. If, indeed, they are at a negative place in their lives, people who refuse to listen are meant to learn their own lessons.

6. Empowered Women Appreciates Elegance and Class

We know and can enjoy the finer things in life without being obsessed with them. Luxury does not control our lives and neither are we attached nor addicted to it. However, women who enjoy the finer things in life tend to be stereotyped or misunderstood as materialistic or gold diggers. I think that this is not true. I have met people of high caliber and wealth and still demonstrate humility and moderation in their lifestyle.

Empowered women do not let luxury rule their lives. They do not let luxury define their identities, characters and self-worth. They know that true beauty and worth come from the inside. Inside meaning what is coming from their hearts: their morals, values and personalities. It is also the inner work done almost throughout their lives and the self-esteem and confidence they have built due to their journeys towards self-discovery.

7. Empowered Women Communicate Clearly.

We know that communication and refined speech is essential. We understand what topics are appropriate to talk about generally with others. However, clear communication prevents dramas, fights, misunderstandings and problems. This puts us in a position of taking ownership of ourselves because none of us are perfect and without flaws. We all come with our own sets of histories, inner child wounds, perceptions and so on. Unfortunately, many people neglect their issues and problems. They tend to assume that they are normal and acceptable in their perceptions and behaviors or do not want to take ownership of themselves and their issues because taking responsibility for owning oneself is a painful, tedious and time-consuming process.

However, as empowered women, we have no qualms about working on ourselves. We like to be reflective and introspective of our way of thinking, feeling and our behaviors. We want to reflect and ponder on our negative habits or the feedback we receive from others and always work towards self-improvement and problem solving because we know the value of self-care, self-nurturing and self-love. We also see the importance of appreciating, caring and loving the people around us. We know that when we speak honestly and communicate clearly, we are positively reciprocating and helping ourselves and others be heard in a non-judgmental way. We listen with compassion and we do not jump to conclusions. We always keep our minds open. These practices are very self-empowering and mind strengthening and should be mastered by all, men and women alike.

8. Empowered Women Celebrate Their Authenticity and Individuality

We are not interested in becoming someone we are not and we value genuine positivity. We are only interested in removing all the thinking, behaviors and habits that are primarily holding us back and hindering our best potentials, especially those I have listed in the preceding points listed above.

It is always about becoming a better version of ourselves than before, discovering and developing the divine, refined and authentic understanding of ourselves. We celebrate our uniqueness and our originality. When I say authenticity, it means the divine nature that exists in all of us, which can manifest and surface from within us in a very positive way and yet vary from one individual to another due to the different upbringing, personal histories and life experiences that each of us may have been subjected to or had to go through on top of the unique sets of natural skills or inner gifts and creativities that every one of us possesses.

So thinking that our uniqueness is about using our natural skills in an abusive, hostile and self-limiting way when it harms others or ourselves is not self-loving, unique or authentic. This forces us to put on masks and burden our souls with self-destructive and abusive personalities and behaviors.

Being aware of what is right and wrong and constantly being self-conscious and self-aware is of utmost importance in discovering our empowered and authentic divine selves.

9. Empowered Women Always Give Back

What we get is from what we give out. When we give out, we will get back. It may not be in the same shape or form and from the same person or stranger but get back we will. That is how energy and the Universe works. God is always aware and looking at what we do.

We can give in the form of money or volunteering once per month to a charity or community. We can do this even more than once if we have the means to. We can also give or help out in any other forms that might benefit anyone. We may even be philanthropists or active in organizations that assist or benefit other communities or societies. We can give back to others and the world in so many ways.

However, in general, empowered women make it their responsibility to give back, no matter their financial standings or where they are at in life. It does not have to be made known or announced in any way as to what, to whom, and how or how much we contribute. The most important thing is giving back and making a positive difference.

The more discreet we are, the higher our energetic frequency will be. However, it should be understood that not all charitable work will or can be done discreetly. Especially when the public is somehow involved or when the person giving back is someone of a well-known status like a celebrity, a leader or a politician, leading by example is essential to promote a community or society with high compassion, morals and values.

The point here is to make an effort to be discreet in our charity work if we want to raise or level up the vibration of our energetic frequency. The higher we vibrate, the easier our true self can authenticate. So apply discretion whenever we are giving back in charity or to any community.

10. Empowered Women Are Never Jealous

Being empowered means knowing that there is no need to be jealous of anyone else. Know that blessings are from God, the Divine and therefore, no one can take our blessings from us. If you know how powerful God is and how He makes the Universe works its ways around us to make sure that things work out to our benefit and advantages, we will live throughout our days being secure and content with whoever and whatever we have in our lives. Good or bad, have faith that things will work out in our favor and for the best through challenging us, strengthening us and growing us.

Nobody will seem to be jealous of us in the beginning stages of leveling up. But then, the more we level up, the better our lives become, the more jealousy others will have towards us simply because they do not see or understand their own power.

This is, unfortunately, part of life. It is unavoidable. The worst of all is when you have to face female jealousy. The spite, sarcasm, hypocrisy, and manipulation that women will do to make sure another person will not be better than them or get what is better than what they have got is unbelievable.

While men tend to be a little more competitive, aggressive and assertive when they’re jealous, women are more subtle. They like to use psychological tactics which are mean and by being passive-aggressive. They resort to bullying or using and changing different tactics whenever they succumb to jealousy and the need to satisfy those feelings arises. Sometimes, it even shows clearly to others around them whether they realize it or not.

There are two types of jealousy: positive jealousy or envy and harmful jealousy or envy.

Let’s say you bought a handbag that may be just the standard brand handbag or the cheaper range handbag. It is still usable and durable, but it is too ordinary and you don’t like it because it is not that classy to your taste, but that is the only handbag you can afford. Then, your best friend comes in with this beautiful “LV” or “YSL” handbag or something to that effect.

However, because you have positive jealousy, you would be looking at her and feel motivated to work more jobs or being stingy with your money by cutting down on your expenses to save more and ultimately afford an “LV” or “YSL” or perhaps even a higher-priced handbag of the same brand. That is positive jealousy.

Harmful jealousy is the jealousy borne by the malicious one. The one who would look at her friend with that “LV” or “YSL” handbag and go behind her back and malign her by saying that she got it through an affair with a sugar daddy, or that she was a rich man’s mistress or even worse, that it is not hers as she stole it off someone.

Empowered women do not behave maliciously. We may have positive jealousy, but we do not have malice. When we are happy for another, we are genuinely and sincerely happy for them. We should be conscious and aware of ourselves when the envy we are feeling starts to feel uncomfortable and hostile so that we can control ourselves by tapping into our inner light and snapping out of the shadows.

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