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If you have been plagued with anxiety, stress, depression, negative thoughts and behaviors, it is time for you to empower yourselves with the tools to heal and change your mindset, your circumstances and relationships.

Neuro-linguistics is the practice of achieving mental control via first gaining awareness of the mind’s configuration. While we cannot choose the stimuli we acquire, we can learn how to shift the way we perceive this information to our benefit.

The happiest people are not so purely, because of their blessed environment and circumstances. They are so because they have found that place within themselves that knows how to create joy.

Most of us might surrender our fates entirely to choice, thinking that we are slaves to our circumstances. We are bound by the mindset that we hope to attain and fulfill in life materializes solely based on luck and chance. An empowered, Neuro-Linguistic mind will dismiss all these as untruths — when developed and brought to full capacity, this is that, which can navigate us through life like a compass and take us to all our desired destinations. In fact, surrendering and accepting the notion of being tossed around helplessly is one of the biggest self-limitations we can ever incarcerate ourselves with.

A Neuro-Linguistic mind is trained to see a problem not as a defeating obstacle, but an opportunity for growth. Triumph aside, there is much to learn once what used to be a problem, has been met with an ideal solution. This is the knowledge we own forever and can apply to similar situations should we be presented with it again in the future.

Each card consists of a Focus Message (objective/solution), Affirmations (values/morals/principles) and Energy Shift (color coded) and Red Flags (limiting or negative mental/emotional/behavioral patterns or negative situations/circumstances to take note of within the self or the environment). Draw one, two or three cards from the deck. Based on the law of attraction and through your expressing or setting of authentic intention, the cards you picked should naturally be diagnosing or befitting your own energy. Whether, the messages on the cards you picked synergize with your own brainwave and intentions to create a result of Focus, Affirmations or Red Flags, you can start reflecting and considering where this can be applied in your daily routine and mindset and how to shift your energy by using the color codes as a tool.

Alternatively, you can also use them as guiding catalysts or motivation for deeper introspection that will push you a step nearer into adopting a Neuro-Linguistic mindset and becoming The Neuro-Linguist.


Sharbina Md Ismail


I used to say to those people telling me to “forget what has happened and move on”, that it’s easier said than done. It would take a brain transplant for me to erase all my memories to really forget whatever I have gone through the last six years of my life. Maybe all I needed was to shift my thoughts and feelings elsewhere.
Anyway, NLP has always intrigued me… more so after following AR’s FB page since last Ramadhan so I hope by sharing, it will benefit someone somewhere out there who is losing hope and trying to find a new direction in life.

Julianna Wong


The deck of cards is great. Especially when I have just ventured into e-commerce. With all the uncertainties in the future, the cards really gave me the needed positive affirmation and confidence.
My own energy that led me to pick those cards truly reflects my inner strength and inner mind. Good job!

Hanim Reeder


With The Neuro-Linguist deck, each card I picked was true to my emotions, my thoughts. It was mind-boggling. I’m still in awe of the “bonus” (summary) card I picked. It summarised my true belief. That card just hit me, straight to my heart. It was the one phrase that I always stand by, I swear by and I believe so much in. It was so on-point! Anyone who thinks otherwise – talk to the hand!

Claire Soh


The overarching theme the deck conveyed to me was personal empowerment. Every card addressed the common internal challenges we as people face by switching frames and perspective. Yet, the method is executed respectfully without any hint of invalidation, which I thought was excellent.
Other messages also included making the best out of every situation one encounters, thus maximising results in any possible scenario. While we cannot choose the predicaments and outcomes we get involved in, we still retain the ability to change things and nurture favorable conclusions (albeit within the parameters of what we are given). This is sometimes difficult to remember and grasp as it is easy to allow external elements to affect us negatively, leaving us feeling defeated and weak.
Somehow, when things go South, it is a natural response for many to blame it on their own incompetence or limit themselves by believing their lack of worth. However, once we are able to internalise and recognise our potential with the help of AR’s product, it breaks lots of mental barriers which allow us to realise our wildest dreams and possibly go even further than that!
However, at the same time she reminds us about boundaries — one of the fundamentals of self-respect is understanding our personal capabilities as well. While adopting a more confident and forthcoming attitude, this comes hand in hand with identifying the extent of our abilities too. Without doing so before embarking on a new endeavour could cause overestimation, which then contributes to failure. These sort of pessimistic experiences are exactly what we aim to diminish in our lives.
To be happy is also to not put ourselves in circumstances where the possibility of encountering unfavorable consequences is likely, unless this prospect has already been deeply accepted.
Another thing that spoke to me (and which I shared the exact sentiments with) was how success was viewed as a reflection of oneself. It should not be kept selfishly, but rather shared magnanimously. Why? Because through that, it affirms your own triumphs and elevates your personal value since you are impacting those around you positively.
Lastly, on the wealth of knowledge this deck provides, I resonate with how it posits openness and direct communication as a prelude to harmony. No two people are exactly alike, so to bridge the gap, healthy relationships and interaction have to begin from a place of clarity and honesty.
Even the strongest and most self-aware people need a reminder sometimes, so I thought this would be perfect as a gift for just about anyone. I had a wonderful time perusing the content and aligning them with myself, with authenticity of course. Thank you AR!

For non-residents of Singapore, you may purchase the deck at the following link, PURCHASE THE NEURO-LINGUIST HERE for delivery to wherever you are in the world. Thank you.

For residents of Singapore, you may send me an email via the CONTACT FORM or simply whatsapp to purchase.

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