AR’s Introspection & Self-Awareness Kit (with Quotes from the Quran)

Did you know that we are for more powerful than we give ourselves credit for?

Our involvement and choices play a significant part in creating the outcomes we face in life. Often, it is easy to blame external factors for our shortcomings and it can be difficult to acknowledge faults, but when we do so, we are actually recognizing our great abilities to change our circumstances. Being a good Muslim is not just about reciting prayers every day and reading the Quran, but also about going deeper into the Self with the intention of Love.
When we search for answers within, we attain a better understanding of the motivations behind our actions. As such, we can best determine how to embody our higher state. This will give us the means to effectively enrich our own lives while serving others simultaneously.
What we experience and receive in our everyday lives are often a reflection of ourselves; when something inside us changes, everything around us follows suit accordingly, like a ripple effect! So, the key is to first elevate within.
This deck will touch on themes such as the impact of Brainwaves, how to properly Introspect, utilizing the Law of Attraction, implementing Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and developing Self Awareness. When put into practice, these collectively synergize to realize the latent potential that we all contain but were previously unable to tap into.
It is hoped that these 75 cards will pave the way for a fulfilling and fruitful life that aligns our authentic, empowered selves impeccably with Allah’s will.

I used to say to those people telling me to “forget what has happened and move on”, that it’s easier said than done. It would take a brain transplant for me to erase all my memories to really forget whatever I have gone through the last six years of my life. Maybe all I needed was to shift my thoughts and feelings elsewhere.
Anyway, NLP has always intrigued me… more so after following AR’s FB page since last Ramadhan so I hope by sharing, it will benefit someone somewhere out there who is losing hope and trying to find a new direction in life.


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