Energy & Spiritual Healing is a Valid Necessity Afterall!

Philosophies and Metaphysics have always managed to pique my interest. As an energy healing practitioner, I am always searching for more information and knowledge to grasp more and more as there are still many skeptics who pass off such practice as being irrelevant or even a hoax. Even though I am not the least bit concerned about the opinions of the ignorant, I felt it a necessity to continuously seek more answers so that people will be able to understand the importance of energy healing.  We can ruin the health of our energetic body as much as we can of our physical body.

With much delight and gratitude, I have recently gained considerable information, as regards energy and magnetic fields, through the knowledge shared by Manly P. Hall (Founder of the Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles) via a recorded lecture.  According to him, the study of magnetism started in Egypt. The Greeks were studying magnetism too, and among the Greeks and early Egyptians, researchers have the first understanding of the nature of magnetism. Pythagoras, who had a lot of knowledge on the subject, gave considerable information, highlighting that magnetism was, used principally in healing and, with time, widely forgotten.

Much later, researchers have little knowledge of it except through the Arabs. The Chinese were aware of it because of the discovery of the mariners’ compass. But for the most part, it was neglected until the 17th century when it became involved in the story of Rosicrucianism and Hermeticism. All were on the unfolding phases of magnetic theory. Researchers later discovered a curious instrument and a mysterious magnetic cube. It was a tank in which many people put their feet simultaneously, held hands, and created a battery out of the water in the tank. Incidentally, the magnetic theory is straightforward: empty air is not empty. It is the most profoundly used of all the elements we know anything about. We all live within the air and have our living being, and we know that if air fails, we die; but researchers do not realize that air is not just oxygen or helium or anything of this nature. Air is something in itself. It is a substance in itself. It is a natural and vital substance that is almost impossible to estimate. It is a tremendous field of magnetic energy. The atmosphere carries the magnetism of the sun. The study of the magnetic powers of the sun will be more or less clearly understood by the study of the seasons, winter, summer, and spring. These things have to do with a magnetic factor in the air. At the same time, we explain it as a physical, astronomical phenomenon due to the rotations and revolutions of the sun and planets. However, each of these planets is a field of magnetic energy, and this energy comes to us through what we call air.  

One thing that researchers have learned from television is that air transmits. We know, for instance, that we can have all kinds of programs on the air simultaneously. They can come from all directions, either overlapping or inter-lapping, but each one will remain separately identified as though it was moving in a channel or circuit. Something went through as vibration in the magnetic field and divided into an infinite complexity of separate emanation. In other words, if we had a thousand different channels, they could be differentiated in the magnetic field so that each would be broadcast correctly and adequately for whatever it is. Thus, researchers realized there’s something out there besides air. Besides the common factor researchers consider, it is something besides helium and oxygen. Scientifically, we are in the presence of a mysterious agent that is not a part of everything researchers were studying on magnetism. 

When it comes to the human body, researchers discover that an etheric energy field surrounds each human body. This energy field, known as an aura, is not in the common order of metaphysics. This magnetic field is an area of energy. This area of energy forms an egg-like atmospheric sheath around the physical body, usually extending three to five feet from it in each direction. This energy field is the basis of virtue because it depends on its reality, serviceability, and protecting power to moods, emotions, thoughts, and the attitudes of the person around this magnetic field. In other words, if the individual is mentally, emotionally, and physically average, they keep to the rules. This magnetic field forms excellent protection. If it is normal and healthy, it can constantly handle infections and all kinds of difficulties. It will help to heal wounds and recover the functions of bodily organs. When the individual is deprived of some part of their body, the magnetic field will try to compensate for them. In short, if the individual properly cares for their magnetic field, it will serve them. Now, by the often-overlooked phase of morality, it is assumed that these magnetic fields are something we don’t pay much attention to. We know they are there, and they may help a little. Still, the truth is that the individual’s survival depends upon maintaining the integrity (morality) of this flow of energy (because we get back what we give out) into the magnetic field.  This energy comes in a mysterious tube in the magnetic field through the sun. It enters the individual through the crown of the head (crown chakra). It disseminates through the entire body and is excreted through the lower centers (sacral and root) of the body during cleansing or transmutation. Chakras, (namely the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root) are the little private magnetic fields or energetic portals within us.

The problem of morality is very definite and the moment we break the rules, we damage that magnetic flow. We have got to keep the laws of nature, and these, in turn, are the laws of God, or the magnetic field fails. It can fail because of physical interferences, which reduce its integrity and power. We can waste it in instances of rebellious and careless living (in other words, lacking love for the self or disregarding the natural state of the self), a common cause these days. We can destroy the magnetic flow by moods, attitudes, fears, or complexes. We can also eliminate or damage the magnetic flow with alcohol, drugs, narcotics, etc. Once the magnetic field is damaged, it immediately reacts to our spiritual and physical health. It hurts our vitality. It makes us more easily subjected to contagions and infections and may be the reason for shortened life expectancy. Researchers think the magnetic field surrounding the entire structure of the human body is just working on the human atmosphere (as stated by Walter J. Kilner in his work “The Human Atmosphere or The Aura Made Visible By The Aid of Chemical Screens” and by Edwin D. Babbitt in his study of “The Atom”). However, this is only a phase of it. 

Each part of the body has a magnetic field. Each unit within the individual has its survival in a unit of energy, and this unit of energy is present in a minor subdivision of imaginable space. It is in the tiniest atom. There is no such thing as a dead particle in the universe. Therefore we are confronted with the natural problem of realizing that virtue is to keep the law of the energy field. Just by coincidence, the LAW OF THE ENERGY FIELD IS ALSO THE LAW OF INTEGRITY. 

1 firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values INCORRUPTIBILITY

2 an unimpaired condition SOUNDNESS

3 the quality or state of being complete or undivided COMPLETENESS


Our energy field determines the right and the wrong energy. Our energy field will not resonate with the following examples: 

1) losing our disposition and having a temper fit; 

2) using various negative, destructive attitudes; 

3) compromising the principles of right living; 

4) thinking badly;

5) feeling unpleasant; 

6) engaging in any action or concept which is contrary to the common good  

7) selfishness; 

8) the breaking or disregarding of any moral codes; and

9) lacking in love of the self and love for others.

Every other vice we know could result in damage to that field. It is all based upon the life principle in each part of our human constitution.  

Each little cell has its moral responsibilities. The stomach has its magnetic field. The stomach is not simply an organ. It is an organism. It is a living thing within the human body. The same is true of the heart, the brain, the glandular structure, all the organs, the intestines, all the motor systems, the nervous system, and the endocrine system. These are all entities. They are entities of magnetic unities. They are part of living organisms we cooperate with for the common or greater good. To abuse one is to damage all. To neglect one is to ignore all. Each of these organs has its field (assigned chakra) in the body, and all these fields collectively constitute the grand magnetic field surrounding the person, including their aura, completely. 

Pythagoras tells us that every form in nature, natural or artificial, has a magnetic field. The magnetic fields, from the tiniest atom to the greatest galaxy, are present, and we must obey the rules. If an individual looking at nature sees a perfect creation of God (The Lord of The Universe) in ideal proportion, this realization enters the person’s subconscious mind. Then, the consciousness sends the energy of imagery of that creation in the form of a benevolent magnetic center as it is highly likely that the individual sees harmony in perfect order and the scheme of things. 

Visualizing perfection through what we see improves us. Whenever we accept discord, it inevitably injures us. We should be looking at nature and everything around us with benevolence. Only when these are abused, primarily by us, are benevolences lost. We will find that we live in a Universe in which everything is in harmony. Someone else might be out of balance and injure or affect us energetically. However, it is not entirely true. The magnetic field protects and shields us against any negative magnetic field that does not arise and resonate within us. Other people cannot contaminate us unless, by a very conscious, intellectual, or emotional weakness, we surrender our integrity to other people’s attitudes by committing misdemeanors. We are responsible for the effect of these mistakes on our magnetic field.  

As we know, various moods and hysteria, cause damage to the intestinal walls. The individual becomes ill because of an evil disposition. While we consider this a symbol of something that happens in such a way, it is not. The individual is sickened due to dispositional faults (ie. behaving negatively or lacking in practices of religious faith or spirituality) which allows the penetration of foreign, negative, or dark energy (eg. jinns, evil, or satanic frequency in nature). Second, he has damaged some parts of his nature’s magnetic field. If he has damaged the magnetic field of his digestive system, he will have disruption, and if the magnetic field is left sickened long enough, then chronic ailments can set in.

Through the Rosicrucian philosophy, we had alchemy, the transmutation of various phases of life. Alchemy was a transformation and a transmutation of energies, the same ones we have in magnetism. Therefore, researchers realize that everything we do and everything we see, have had its own values.

We would never have thought that a potato could have its own magnetic field, but it does. Every cell within the potato has a magnetic field of its own. As a result, researchers realize the problem of nutrition, which is the study of the magnetic fields of various food products. It also tells us of adulteration, misuse, or introduction of toxic elements. Magnetism solves these mysteries. We pass laws against these misuses, but we must realize that it is not just the physical factor we must work with. The physical aspect is only a fragment of it. The main problem is to recognize that we are in trouble because of a lack of integrity behind all of these problems, whether of government, religion, or philosophy. 

Each kingdom (realms of the material or unseen and physical or spiritual) has a magnetic core, and each kingdom unfolds within this magnetic field. Individual members of the fields with various degrees of growth are indigenously and individually conditioned in each composite field. Keeping faith with integrity becomes the natural secret of security, survival, and peace in the world and every other realm or dimension.

Integrity is simply keeping the laws and rules of energy fields. Each field has its integrity. Integrity in all areas is compatible. All lack of integrity or departures from integrity in any or all fields, conflict immediately and constantly. The only way the individual can escape conflict is by never abusing the energy factors of his own life. He must respect and care for his body, his emotions, and his mind. He must never permit himself to develop attitudes incompatible with the integrity God has bestowed. The magnetic fields are honest in nature. There is no possible way of making them dishonest. The only thing we can do with them is to destroy or limit the manifestation of their integrity through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. If we break the rule, we lose the benefit of that particular energy.  When we lose that benefit, we say that evil has inflicted us, but most times, it is not evil that did this to us. It is our refusal and failure to develop, grow, purify, and intensify. I wonder if magnetic fields might be the frequencies of angelic realms.

It is found that the magnetic fields are also in a state of constant evolution. They evolve with our lives. An individual may be born with a certain level of magnetic integrity. If he becomes a better person, he strengthens these values in himself. It is all a matter of gradually maintaining the perfection of an energy resource. Perhaps just like the way knowledge evolves with time. No one is going to be perfect. Still, one will grow, and the more integrity grows, the more rapidly the individual becomes harmoniously adjusted to the principle of life to which he belongs.

In our world, we’re in a sad state in which practically everyone has broken every conceivable rule. We live daily trying to live off our mistakes, which is not profitable. We need to realize that this has nothing to do primarily with theology, laws of government, or our legal codes. It has to do with our connection and acknowledgment of the existence of God, our relationship with ourselves, and understanding energy.

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